Inner Alchemy Sessions


  • Alchemy Reading
  • 1.5 h Session
    (by distance)
  • Scanning body & energy body
  • Full report of Alchemy Scan
  • Short explanation and conclusion
  • 150,-
  • * The Inner Alchemy Reading is prerequisite.
  • 3 Healing Sessions
  • 3 x 1.5 hour Healing Sessions
    (by distance)
  • Healing body & energy body
  • Full report of all the healing sessions
  • 3 Audio-reports / 1h Skype call
  • 380,-
  • * The Inner Alchemy Reading is prerequisite.
  • 5 Healing Sessions
  • 5 x 1.5 hour sessions
    (by distance)
  • Healing body & energy body
  • Full report of all the healing sessions
  • 5 Audio-reports / 1h Skype call  
  • 515
  • * The Inner Alchemy Reading is prerequisite.
  • Intuitive Counseling
  • 1 h Skype / phone call
  • 1 on 1 Counseling
  • 95,-
  • * The Inner Alchemy Reading is prerequisite.
  • Divine Expressions
  • A guided journey to awaken and channel your creative energy into artistic expression.
  • Free intake session
  • 9 contact hours total
  • Please contact me for details.
  • 1.210,-
  • * The Inner Alchemy Reading is prerequisite.

Where to start?

For the Inner Alchemy path, this is the sequence:

1.) Inner Alchemy Reading
(full body scan & energy reading)
This is prerequisite for the healing sessions.

2.) 3 healing sessions / 5 healing sessions
with 3 sessions I can cover the basics and give you a boost. With 5 I can go deeper and get to issues that are deeper engraved in your energy system.

How to book sessions?

For the Inner Alchemy path:
Purchase the “Reading Session” in the web-shop. I will contact you to set a date and time.

After that you may choose to stop, or continue with 3 or 5 healing sessions.

The healing sessions are all scheduled at least a week apart, to allow integration time.

You can find the services as products in the webshop. Then also select the next date for a session.

About Inner Alchemy work

Within everyone’s energy field all information about past experiences is stored. The total sum of it all shows a balance. A balance that is either healthy and positive or heavy, which feels like a burden to carry. If the burden and unresolved issues are not healed it may manifest as larger problems or as physical ailments or dis-ease.

All Inner Alchemy Sessions are geared towards making you lighter and clearing out all the gunk and heaviness. Although the sessions are very subtle in the way it is experienced, the system I work with is very accurate, goes really deep (like an energetic operation) and can reach blind spots.

There are many ways to work on yourself, in order to heal, to evolve, and there are many systems out there that provide tools to clean up your energy system and become a master of your life. Many have things in common, because in the end you’re working on the same things, but from a different angle or perspective. Some ways/systems are effective, some not so effective. Some reach parts of your being but leave out bits and pieces, some of them take years of commitment and self-work to get anywhere. In the end it’s a personal choice of preference.

This Inner Alchemy work is also a system for evolution, transformation and healing. A pretty fast and accurate one. In this case, it is me who is transmuting an clearing the energy for you. So you get to relax and receive.

The reason I have come to this type of work is because I had tried to heal issues in my life that were buried so deep in my energy-system, it was very hard to pin-point the origin. Only after years of searching and trying out all sorts of things to heal and get more flow in my life, did I finally find a healer that could handle this type of sh*t. He worked on some black magic from past lives, and finally I had proof of that I wasn’t crazy or imagining that something was off. Since then a new layer opened up to me in the world of energetics, which I wanted to master and discover. I started noticing details, little things, in situations, places, people, which felt like seeing many worlds in one, existing alongside each other. I did see those things before but never had any reference or anyone that could teach or explain it.

Things would happen in my life that were almost presented as lessons and the biggest lessons for me were located in the shadow-sides of the world and our being. I wanted to know the truth, so I saw truth. Not necessary a pretty picture.

I believe in order to be whole and balanced we have to work on the positive aspects of our being, but also our shadow side. Also called; “Shadow Work.”

The positive aspects of self-mastery can be pointed in the direction of positive manifestation and using your mind and intentions in union with the heart (emotions and feelings) to improve your life for the better.

Shadow work is about locating the origin of limiting beliefs and energy blockages, so you can bring them into the light, see it for what it is and make a new choice. Sometimes that is done in minutes, sometimes issues are packaged in layers and it takes layer after layer to remove it all.

I work with charts with specific frequencies and with different kinds of pendulums.
Before I start I prepare myself and clean my own energy system.


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