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artist . alchemist . intuitive
I am an Artist, Alchemist and Intuitive. I work with flowers, plants, minerals, water, colours, flavours, fragrance, energy, elementals, crystals, and yes also other dimensions, and things that are vibrantly alive. I love to create, bring the magic into the mundane and I believe we are far more capable than what we are made to believe.

information & vibration
Lola’s products are intended to deliver specific and high frequencies, ‘secretly’ wrapped up in a fragrance or normal care product. They contain specific information or a high vibration, that is integrates into your energy field, for health and well-being.

Each product is carefully composed and based upon gained knowledge and experiences in various fields relating to body and energy work. The recipes are formulated in an inspirational flow where I search for answers and solutions. My intuition is a miraculous tool that tells me what to make, what to combine together and why. I connect with the plant ingredients and their energetic patterns.

life-force energy
Lola’s Alchemy products’ are aimed to supplement, balance and uplift your Physical Body as well as your Energetic Body. -On the physical level they provide nutrients. On an energetic level the general aim is to bring you to a higher vibration and improve the flow of your Life-force energy. Life-force energy is what they call Chi in Eastern medicine. In Yoga they use the word Prana.

our modern world
Inspiration for the creation of products are based on daily life, with it’s accompanying challenges & my strong drive for expansion and growth.

essence & nature
In the modern ‘chemical’ world and lifestyle we live, generally speaking, we seem to be distanced from, out of harmony and out of touch with nature and our very own nature. As if we’ve drifted off, as a collective, a very long time ago. My intend is to to re-connect us again to the essence and beauty of life. That connection is very pure and unpolluted. Not interfered by mind or ego, and that connection is there for everyone to access. We just need to remember it’s there.


Upgrading yourself

In my opinion our generally accepted normal lifestyle diminishes our capabilities. Dis-ease seems to be the norm. It’s as if we have a super advanced computer but we only use a percentage of it’s capacity. For me, improvement is all about cleaning up our system, providing it with the right (energetic) nutrients and consciously unlocking doors to our inner wisdom. A process that can be supported and facilitated, yet can only be realised by the person him/her-self.

Just as we can upgrade our physical body by giving it the right nutrients, rest, exercise, we can also improve the functioning of energy field. Our energy field stores information. It has important functions of it’s own and overlaps & interacts with our physical body.

In daily life we are constantly being influenced by our surroundings and anything that interacts with us, may it be people, food, wifi, or our environment. We can also choose to positively influence our bio-computer

Dis-ease starts on the etheric/energetic level

Energy is the base of everything, but these subtle realms are less noticeable to the human perception. In Eastern cultures it is believed that all dis-ease starts on the etheric/energetic level and therefor it is important to understand the workings of it. Correcting imbalances in these fields can impact many different ailments and improve overal well being.

Anything can affect our energy field. Substances we put in and on our body. (Such as food and cosmetics.) The environment we are in. Our thoughts, and emotions. On a deeper level; codes that are generated from our DNA, our heritage and lineage and our soul.

About the Luminous Energy Field

Not many people are aware of their aura, or a better term; “The Luminous Energy Field”, as in our Western culture is dominated by the mind. So, think of it as being your bio-computer consisting of many layers and templates and energy grids and currents.

the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.
“the ceremony retains an aura of mystery”
(in spiritualism and some forms of alternative medicine) a supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and regarded as an essential part of the individual.
“emotional, mental, and spiritual levels form an energy field around the body known as the aura”

Rivers of Light

In Eastern medicine they use the word Meridians for energy lines, in South America they might call it “Rivers of Light”, in Yoga they name the rotating sferes of in and outgoing energy; Nadi’s and Chakra’s.

Using Vibrational Nutrition can result in:

– a better functioning bio-computer and better conducting of life-force energy
– more mental clarity & focus
– a higher IQ
– operating from a higher consciousness
– opening of the psychic senses
– more vitality
– overal better well-being
– removing heavy luggage and there for feeling lighter
– improved energy awareness


My story

My findings are based on years of research in nutrition and personal development. My quest to better health and well-being came about by having digestion problems starting at 12 years old. After many years I discovered that I respond to the “energy-signature” of food, environments, people.. It became a quest on for a lifestyle in which I could thrive instead of survive.

Food and Consciousness

At age 23 I started with detoxing, fasting and eating raw living foods. The impact of it was not only influencing by physical well-being but also my state of consciousness. I worked in a Raw Food Restaurant as a chef and practised and studied various types of energy work, sports and yoga.

Dark Nights of the Soul

There were periods of time in which I felt euphoric and there were periods of time with great turmoil and darkness. All of it, I chose to go through yet I found it very difficult, as often I felt completely mis-understood or unable to function “normally” in daily life. As I could not always predict in what processes I would be involved in and how long that would take. Always wanting to evolve or understand more, I went through a series of awakenings and initiations that have benefited my growth.

High Vibes

There were time periods of a few months that I lived alone and out in nature. I changed my diet and routine to little food and little sleep, lots of exercise, specific energy work and chilling-out. I went very high up in vibration where I felt amazing. Everything flowed. Happiness would bubble up from inside without reason. I could breathe with the trees, feel & smell people’s from meters away. I could fly into the universe, converse with the flowers and my inner all-knowing voice was teaching me about all things around me.

City life

Never the less, I didn’t succeed to incorporate this permanently. I didn’t realise the full consequences of rising ones sensitivity and awareness. I had also outgrown my environment and needed to manage my time and energy in a totally different way.

In my life I had learned to adapt, so I did. Ignoring my body and shutting down all my senses in order to survive. I became a city-living zombie. My outlook on life became negative. As a performer, I spend nightly hours working, eating unhealthy or not at all. Sometimes I had 3 different jobs next to performing and I also kept a busy sports practise. Apart from that, my relationships were far from peaceful and ordinary. I learned how to cope by taking short-cuts and caffeine.

I’m still recovering from my well succeeded self-destruction (burn-out), rebuilding up again from scratch. This time monitoring each step and working on limiting belief patterns, hidden in my own subconscious, that reflect themselves back into my life’s experiences. This period of “darkness” has showed me some of the root causes of societies grimness and disease and how it had nestled in me as well.

Healing & Spiritual wakening

Apart from my own experiences, people around me also had their turmoils and lessons to learn. All kinds of dis-balances and healing processes such as; depressions, psychosis, drug addiction, death, loss of own identity, changing of identity, heart-break, ADHD & ADD and whatever more which there are no words for. Often mis-understood by their environment, I served as a guide for some people who went through intense spiritual awakenings. Other people have guided me. It has shown me the complex functioning of our human existence. And it made me aware that many people are awakening to a bigger reality. Once you go, there is no turning back, and what ever darkness is still inside you (may it be this life or your past), it has to be transmuted.


Alchemy is for me a way to decode life and understand it’s cycles. There is nothing airy-fairy about this. It is based on the essence of nature and it incorporates the material and non-material worlds. It teaches us to look beyond the veils of illusion and have a bigger understanding of who we are and teaches us methods on how we can transform.

Nowadays I try to use all of these lived experiences (the good and the bad) combined with my growing understanding and sensitivity to create things that can benefit others as it has been benefiting me.

Family & Connection

The beautiful things that came about from this whole journey is that some special people came into my life whom I feel amazingly supported and uplifted and inspired by. The connections with them go deep and I call “my new family.” The connection I feel with plants and nature has grown a thousand fold and whenever I’m in nature it starts sharing it’s knowledge and heals me on many levels. My concept of what “love” is has expanded. I’d rather learn by downloading information than taking a course. I can see situations and people on many more levels than I did before, and I’m eager to find out what else is possible.

How Ormus started it all!

Ormus was my way in into Alchemy. As I was fasting and eating lighter, my connection to my body’s wisdom became very clear and strong. The inner knowing came that our body’s are also capable to function long periods without food. Meaning it can change to living of more subtle forms of energy. (A very controversial topic!) As I looked into my cupboard full of superfood powders (from the raw food cafe I worked). Some of them being beneficial and some of them I had no idea if it was doing something good at all… I wondered, what do I actually really need?

Nutrients for the Energy Body

I felt I need something completely different; nutrients that would strengthen my energy field. – Does that exist?
With this idea I found out about Ormus. It resonated. I ordered some online, tested it, felt results. I started making it myself and giving it to friends. Some loved it and had amazing experiences, some felt nothing from it. After 3 years of experimentation and feedback I feel it’s still it’s amazing. I’ve evolved and created my own energy signature blends.  I personally like to use it certain periods of time or specific events. I’m incorporating Ormus in topical products too.

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