About the Alchemist

Lola’s Alchemy

My name is Laura. Artist, Alchemist and Intuitive.

Here I’ll explain a little bit about my work and my way of looking at things.

About the Alchemist

As an Alchemist, Artist and Intuitive, I work with subtle energy and matter. Working in the etheric as well as physical planes of existence. 

Being energy sensitive, I learned how to use and train this as a tool for creating products that interact with your energy, and for healing. Which basically means I can read energy, intuitively gather information and also transmute energy. This also means I go a little deeper. This form of working with energy is called “Internal Alchemy”.

Offerings and Services

Product formulation

My passion wisdom and creativity has come together into “the art of product formulation”. I love creating health and beauty products that work on multiple levels of our being. Lola’s Alchemy’s products are generally high vibrational and have an organic structure (non-synthetic).

Intuitive Guidance

I also offer “intuitive counseling sessions” and “energy healing and readings” (done by distance).

Inner Alchemy

The energy healing and readings, done by distance is what I call “Inner Alchemy’. It can be named many names, but this is the term I like to use. Generally speaking, Inner Alchemy is a system of working internally on yourself, to transform “elements of the psyche” and to change base energies into psychological and spiritual illumination.
In the sessions I offer I use “Radiesthesie” (which I was taught in an intensive training from a French Alchemist “Richard Poiree). I work with divination tools; different pendulums, frequency devices and charts that show very precise percentages of measurements, and I have combined different techniques to create my own way of working.

The healing takes place by transmuting and clearing disturbances, negative attachments, negative memories and information and stressfactors in your energy-system. You can see it as an operation in your energy system, and although the experience of a session is very subtle, the effects are deep and profound. After a few sessions you will experience more lightness and flow in your life, also allowing more of the essence of your true self to come through. I will also show you your strong and weak points in your body and energy system and give lifestyle recommendations if needed.

About Inner Alchemy

There are many different paths for practising Inner Alchemy. It can start with just making the choice. Living in these times it is quite accessible for anyone to start working with magic and energy, without diving into ancient esoteric practises (which have been distorted quite often anyway).

The three fundamental elements of Internal Alchemy are
1) that which is to be transformed
(i.e., the psychological and spiritual dross of the individual, meaning those aspects of the psyche that prevent personal illumination)

2) that which contains the alchemical transformation
(i.e., the subtle energy body of the individual)

3) a source of energy, which is often—but not always—a form of subtle energy drawn from other dimensions of consciousness.

My way of looking at things;

Holistic & interconnected

Each person has a body with a unique history and story to tell. Our bodies are complex machines that consist of layers of interconnected fields; the physical body, emotional body, spiritual body and the soul.

They all work together and correspond to each other. Nothing ever is separate or isolated. The one thing that keeps everything together is your consciousness. With this as a my setpoint, my approach to health & beauty is holistic. :-)

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