About the Alchemist

My mission and higher vision is to help people;
– anchor in more light (illuminate from within)
– re-member, awaken and raise their consciousness
– experience the Magic of Life!
– supplement life-force energy reserves
– re-connect with nature

The language of the Heart

My products speak to you through the language of the heart, and in subtle energy.
This surpasses the mind, and not often can be fully understood by the mind alone.

The Spirit of Nature
As an Alchemist, I work with subtle energy and matter. Being energy sensitive, I’ve trained myself to connect with the spirit and energy of plants, minerals, essences in order to create Elixirs and Alchemy products that enhance our life-force energy to flow and to re-connect us with nature, our inner nature.

I have learned how to use and train my sensitivity as a tool for creating products that interact with your energy, and for healing. Which basically means I can read energy, intuitively gather information and also transmute energy. This also means I go a little deeper. This form of working with energy is called “Internal Alchemy”.

Product formulation

My passion wisdom and creativity has come together into “the art of product formulation”. I love creating health and beauty products that work on multiple levels of our being. Lola’s Alchemy’s products are generally high vibrational and have an organic structure (non-synthetic).

Intuitive Guidance

I also offer custom Ormus Elixirs, intuitive guidance sessions and elixir journeys.