Enhancing inner & outer beauty with Alchemy

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Lola’s Alchemy

Enhancing inner and outer beauty, through Alchemy.

Lola’s Alchemy offers high-vibrational, natural products for those seeking out beauty, wellness and longevity. Explore Lola’s Elixirs, Fragrances and Cosmic Cosmetics, to uplift your spirit, open your senses, elevate your consciousness, nourish your soul, and harmonise your body.

“As an Alchemist, Artist and Intuitive, I work with subtle energy and matter. Working in the etherical as well as physical planes of existence. Lola’s Alchemy’s products work on different levels of your being; mental, emotional, physical, energetic and multi-dimensional.” ~ Lola


Karlijn vertelt over haar missie en over Ormus, voor focus en het schrijven van haar boek

Dit is het tweede interview van iemand die iets persoonlijks deelt over wat Ormus voor hun doet of betekent. Karlijn Scheffers vertelt daarnaast over haar leven en haar missie Karlijn vertelt over haar missie en over Ormus, voor meer…

Ormus met Jillvanny

Regelmatig krijg ik reacties van mensen die Lola's Alchemy producten gebruiken en bijzondere ervaringen hebben. Het idee ontstond om mensen hun verhaal te laten vertellen. Bij deze; het eerste mini-interview met Jillvanny, die al een paar keer…

What customers say

I had never heard of Ormus and was eager to know more about it. After a nice explanation I could try some Ormus myself. I was really impressed by the power and the intense deep deep working of it.

Esther Renate GlasOrmus Elixir

When I touched the bottle of Ormus, a strong sense of Oneness connected to me. I put it on my face, and in my mouth and after 30 minutes, I feel so calm. I feel like, in this moment, 90% of my anger just has evaporated and I am not sure why. Its super intense and I would recommend it to anyone.

Nishta Nithya AnandaOmus Elixir

The cream you gave me is awesome! It’s the first cream that is quite greasy, but doesn’t break me out. Lovin it

Adrienne C.Tallow Balm - IGNITE -




Lola’s Alchemy

Enhancing inner & outer beauty through alchemy. ~ Lola’s products are designed to increase your vibration, supporting the physical and energetic body. Uplifting your spirit & opening the senses, and who knows, maybe discover more about yourself too.

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