Pharmacie de la Vie, Wellness Boutique in Amsterdam

Proud to present; Petra Heuveling, owner of “Pharmacie de la vie” in the Czaar Peterstraat in Amsterdam. 

Her beautiful and pristine shop has taken up Lola’s Alchemy products in her already beautiful selection of natural & high quality personal care products and supplements. Through synchronicity we met and that’s a good omen.

Come and visit for inspiration, to find a gift, for personal advice or to book a session with Petra.



Petra is a holistic medicine practitioner with 20 years of experience in natural beauty and health. Her way of working and her approach to health is next level and truly of the new paradigm.

In Petra’s shop you may find: the Ormus toothpaste, Rose facial serum, a luxurious Tallow balm (face cream), and soon some Soulglow scent sprays too! .. oh and the street by itself is worth a visit too, many artisanal shops in style!




This is what the street looked like about a century ago.