Stinging Nettle Latte – Recipe

The last few months I’ve explored the healing powers of single herbs, spices, and tea blends. I’m amazed by their multi-leveled healing powers and intelligence. Did you know that spices work on emotional levels as well, and can even change us on deeper levels of our being?

This simple recipe has proven to give long and evenly dispersed energy throughout the day. Nettle gives strength, power and endurance. Stinging nettle is great for people with burn-out, for more energy and strength, and for empathic, sensitive people, for clarity and grounding.

Makes 2 cups to share, or a tall glass for yourself:

– 250 ml hot water
– 100 ml almond milk
– 3 teaspoons of nettle powder
(or make very strong nettle tea)
– 1 teaspoon of coconut oil

honey to taste
a pinch of cardamon
a heap of cocoa powder

Boil water, pour in the nettle powder, stir until the powder is well absorbed by the water. Add almond milk and coconut oil, and the optional ingredients.
Use a blender to blend until smooth.