Our world is created predominantly on masculine forces.

The feminine cannot be grasped, put into boundaries or boxes.

It’s an energy that flows freely.

It cannot be analyzed or predicted.

This makes it scary as most people want to have “control”.

We as a society are ruled by fear! Not by love!
Feelings of lack and the incapability of feeling complete makes people take it from other sources from outside themselves. This search for love and trying to find it in the wrong way.. is what creates a lot of disturbance in this society. We have lost touch with our divine feminine essence.
Connecting with the divine feminine within us:

Let go of all reasoning, analyzing, rationalizing, thoughts and logic.

Work from your feelings, intuition, Pure vibration;

It’s embodying physical form but with no limitations.

It’s a state BEING.

A state of allowing.

Being one with all; co-creating

(It’s beyond the law of attracting and manifesting your desires. You allow experiences and things into your existence without the need to manifest in that way. The need just disappears.)
Easy way to know if you’re in state of allowing:

There are two options; yes and no

yes is allowing and opening all channels

no is blocking the flow of energy.
The breath is the link.

Quiet the mind, get in touch with your breath.

You can link your breath with feelings, intentions or use it to guide energy in and out of your physical body.

Be a channel for energies to go through you, refine them and bring them into physical existence.
Creations through love are naturally in harmony.



It’s the women initiating the men. Not the other way around.

The womb is the most sacred place in a women’s body.

The vagina is the portal. (Like a flower)

It’s the creator of life.
The womb has a round metal door.

Like a hangdrum but without the indents.

There are sacred symbols flickering on it, patterns changing. Many symbols.
To enter it the man must have achieved a certain spiritual maturity,

openness and respect to the woman.

If not the doors will never open.

When the woman allows the door to open, you enter a round chamber.

This place is a place of love in it’s purest form.

It’s nurturing, like the love of a mother for her child.

The chamber has a hole in the roof where lights comes through.

Complicated mosaic patterns in all colors cover the walls.

Warm light also shines from within and lights up the place. This light is alive.
It’s the women initiating the men. Not the other way around.

Complicated patterns of dance are shown, it’s the feminine energies moving the body, radiating waves of love, extacy, lights and music. Learning how to blend the feminine and masculine energies together and to co-create as one.
The goddesses I see tell me they have embodied the divine feminine.

Certain feminine virtues they have mastered radiate out from their presence.
The man contributes the element of fire.

Without the man, the temple remains asleep.
So what if this sacredness is neglected? We have sex in the wrong way. The temple is destroyed.The man violates the rules of sacredness and enters with force. He will not be fulfilled and keep searching for this love. The same for women, they feel unfulfilled, unappreciated and they keep searching for this love in the wrong way. A women with a destroyed temple, or who have lost touch with their own sacredness aswell creates the same cycle. Until the man finds a woman that teaches him how to enter in the right way. Or until the women finds a man where she feels safe and loved.