Flower Essences
Flower essences accelerate healing and transformation and are used to address our inner world and psyche.
They can be used for a single moment, or for a consecutive amount of time.

A Flower Essence holds the energetic imprint of a flower in water. Essences are vibrational, energetic remedies. Often confused with essential oils, essences do not have a scent.

Flower essences address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health.  Taking a few drops several times daily for a consecutive amount of time can shift our energy, emotions and state of being permanently.

Choosing a Flower Essence.
Flower essences speak to us by their energy and vibration. When you feel attracted to or magnetised towards a certain essence it is often an indication the spirit of that flower wants to work with you. Or if you read the description and you feel it applies to you or as if it is written for you, it can also be a good indication you’d benefit from this essence.

Custom Essence
If you’d like a personal flower essence blend, I will tune in to you personally and select essences that will address whatever it is that is currently being experienced by you that you’d like to heal, balance, activate or transform.